Kool Caps 

Kool Caps are a product designed to easily make the modernized new school Skyway Graphite Tuff Wheels, and Tuff Wheel II's, look like the original Graphite Skyway Tuff Wheels from the early 1980's. Allowing riders to preserve expensive original wheels, while remaining old school cool.

Gold Gen 1.1 Kool Caps are now in stock!

Blue, Red, and Silver have also been upgraded to Gen 1.1 status, and are now also in stock in limited quantities.

Gen 1 Kool Cap Gold

Generation I, And, new Gen 1.1, Kool Caps:

  • Gen I Kool Caps have the sharp corners.
  • Designed to emulate the original Graphite Tuff wheels of circa '79 to '81. Which had genuine Campagnolo precision loose ball hubs installed on them.
  • Generation 1.1 Kool Caps have evolved: All of the latest Gen I Kool Caps have undergone additional machining processes. They are all completely plug and play now. Modification to the front wheel is no longer required to install Gen 1.1 Kool Caps onto either type of current 20 inch Tuff Wheels. This includes installation on the new school Graphite Tuff Wheels, or Tuff Wheel II wheel sets.
  • Red, Blue, and Silver colors have all been updated to Gen 1.1 "plug and play" status.
  • Production costs have risen substantially. None the less. I am pricing them at the original Kool Cap release price of $40 per set.

Gen 2 Kool Caps Gold
Generation II Kool Caps:
  • Gen II KC's have the rounded corners.
  • Designed to emulate the subsequent generations of original Graphite Tuff Wheels and Tuff Wheel II's produced circa '82 and later.
  • Gen II KC's have always been plug and play, with no modifications to the wheels for installation. Including Graphite Tuff Wheels, and Tuff Wheel  II's.
  • Unfortunately, Gen II KC's are currently out of stock in all colors. Rising production costs and minimum quantities have made Gen II's become unviable at this time.

Kool Caps history and trivia:

  •   Kool Caps were born from a "what if" discussion on Vintage BMX bicycles.
  • The name Kool Caps was spawned from the original Skyway Tuff II coaster brake hubs. The original Tuff I wheels had solid plastic hubs. And with coaster brakes, they had a tendency to overheat and melt. So, metal flanges were designed to add airflow. And, dissipate heat on the next generation coaster brake Tuff II Wheels. The coaster brake hubs installed in those original metal flanged wheels were named "Kool Hubs". Kool Caps seemed the logical extension of the original Kool Hubs.
  • The first Kool Caps were hand machined on a Bridgeport type mill, and a rotary table, using "Old School" methods of hand crank machining, as a fun project.
  • Now, Kool Caps are being made using modern dies, and other machining techniques. Never the less, Kool Caps are still not a high volume item. And manufacturing prices, supply, and demand, continues to evolve. The pricing will never match a mass produced item's pricing scale. But they truly remain a "For Fun" item, at a "For Fun" item price.